Professional services


  • Resolution of incidents in Windows, Apple and Linux Systems
  • Installations of PCs/laptops and various applications
  • System recovery in virus attacks, hardware failures or other anomalies
  • Migrations/upgrades of PCs/laptops to new operating systems while maintaining data and all existing functionality.
  • PC cleaning (increases PC lifespan by 70%)
  • Assemblies of weather stations publishable on the Internet


System Administration

  • Installation of Servers and subsequent monitoring of them
  • Corporate mail servers through Microsoft Exchange (with access from PDAs, web, etc.)
  • Corporate antivirus and antispam systems
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of servers
  • Backup systems (with optional encryption) and external collection
  • Firewalls with content control and virus filter
  • Intranets, Blogs, Wiki's, Content Managers, etc. (functional and collaborative websites)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) between delegations




  • Technology consulting
  • Systems Planning (high availability option)




  • Adapted and specialized training




  • Design and implementation of local area networks, point-to-point connections, mobile-company remote access points, etc., with all necessary logical and physical security.



  • Implementation of complete turnkey projects. Gathering of requirements, acquisition of hardware/applications, implementation of the system, adaptation of users to them and resolution of subsequent incidents.
  • IT and communications transfers (complete move of the IT structure leaving the system running at the new location)
  • Software development


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