Who are we?

Do you want to know us? This is us:


Hi, I am Jorge!

I created this company 18 years ago, although I have been working since I was 14, mainly in the IT sector. I have been in international companies, SMEs, micro-businesses, as a freelancer...

In the end I realized that something didn't fit, and I decided to go it alone and create a working world tailored to me. Luckily, I have always taken care of my clients, and thanks to that this company has been successful throughout this time (and will continue to be, let's go for it)

My partner says I'm a lizard's tail, I never stop. Always thinking about innovating, trying new things, getting into new "stuff." That is why we have now pushed hard to be digitizing agents, to be able to expand our portfolio of services and offer a new solution to our clients.

I don't rule out waking up one day and having another new idea that makes Sara roll her eyes XD




Hi! I'm Sara!

I have been working in various HR positions for more than 10 years and my motto has always been: “People first.”

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and that's why I decided to change my lifestyle, starting with a completely remote job (Not so easy in HR, although I have already done several projects since I decided to do it)

Unexpected, but… I joined Maxminterm as a co-owner, the company had until now been owned by my partner Jorge, and I began to wonder… What if I changed my motto to “The user, first”?

So now, after studying hard for a few months, I am also a UX designer! And I already have some projects under my belt. I am full of empathy and creativity, the best of both worlds.




Hello, I'm Eli!

I have been dedicating myself to administration since I finished my studies, 17 years ago. The last company I was in had to close, and Sara, who was where we met, had the great idea of ​​introducing me to Jorge and suggesting that I become part of the Maxminterm team. And how lucky I was that he took me into account. Thanks to her, today, I work in a company where I have a lot of flexibility for a better work-life balance, with a great human team, and I am learning a lot and more that I hope to learn at her side, for many years.

My task in the company is to carry out all the administrative management, billing, accounting, and account management. I am also dedicated to preparing budgets and contacting suppliers.

It is a pleasure to be part of this team and to be able to collaborate with everything necessary. Go all out team!





Hello, we are Nuc, Thor, Ifrit and Ragnar!

4 responsible for safety and well-being.

Okay, maybe the team is a little oversized in this regard, but humans wouldn't know or be able to do without any of us.



About our company:

We are a company eager to innovate and create, with the focus on actively listening to you to detect your needs, and anticipating possible problems before they appear. This leads us to determine the appropriate tools to carry out projects, always providing high quality products and services. We like what we do and we put the best of each one into our work.

We work hand in hand with you and provide a personal service adapted to whatever you need.

We keep our passion intact, and we already have extensive experience implementing technological solutions and carrying out projects of various sizes. We are now of age!


Find in us the support you need. We offer a serious but close, personal, agile and committed service.

Because we know the importance of technology, we strive to provide high-quality solutions that are especially tailored to your needs and give your company a superior advantage over your competition.


Human team

We are a team of professionals, with knowledge and extensive experience in the sector, capable of satisfying any technological requirement that your company may have.

We advise, provide ideas and solve problems with a wide variety of solutions, prioritizing your satisfaction. We are committed to teamwork and integrating your ideas with ours. And whenever possible, with a smile.


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