Voting Center Assembly Elections 14-02


Public Administration Sector


Fiber Optic, HP, Unifi


We are assigned the project for the assembly of the necessary technology for the main Voting Center of a City Council for the February 14 elections in Catalonia.

Project requirements

The project is assigned very little time before election day and a switch (and its corresponding fiber transceiver) must be used to link to the second switch.


Prior to the fiber installation, we installed three new Ubitiquis Unifi UAP-AC-LRs in two different locations to replace the old AP-LRs. Subsequent adoption is made to the general controller of the network.

The main problem of this project was the passage of the fiber through non-openable ceilings. To do this, small existing holes for electrical boxes were used and tubes could be linked through them as guides.

Once the double fiber (additional backup fiber) is established, the second rack is mounted, the fiber boxes are mounted in each of the two racks, the second switch, its fiber converter, the fibers are merged and the correct link between the two switches. A fourth Unifi UAP-AC-LR is installed and configured to provide coverage at the voting center.

Finally, final tests of coverage, general operation and speed are carried out. After 14 straight hours of installation, the project is finished.

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