Video surveillance + Access Control


City hall. Public sector


IP, Dahua and ZKteco


Client who presents needs for surveillance/control of the City Hall entrance, as well as access to the Police entrance and armory. There are old analog cameras with a lack of functionality in some cases.

Project requirements

An environment for viewing and recording the spaces is intended so that a protected business remains.


We replace the existing analogue cabling with anti-halogen Cat 6 structured cabling. We also change the old cameras for new IP cameras, also adding new cameras. Connectorization is much cleaner when using POE technology. It also allows us to have cameras that are not directly connected to the video recorder and that it manages directly in the same way as if they were 'internal'.

Once the physical installation has been carried out, the network is adapted to have logical access between them (a Fortinet Firewall initially denied us communication between the two headquarters), external access to the video recorder is enabled and the different accesses to monitoring/recording are installed. by authorized personnel. Access is done both through a directly connected screen, through an application on a computer and through an APP on mobile phones.

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